“5 Stars Award” by PCWorld for Sign & Save

PCWorld, one of the leading global computer magazines focusing on reviews of soft- and hardware, was currently testing sign&save, the first plug&play signature solution by Wacom. Being completely convinced of the product and the benefits it offers to entrepreneurs and all small and medium businesses, the magazine assigned sign&save with its “5 Stars Award”, receiving the best rating possible:

“In an increasing digitalized world needing to continue using a paper document to get a signature may be a tedious.

A solution offered is electronic identity card among its options with the digital signature (using a password system) but the truth is that its use is only for electronic documents and is also more oriented to sign transaction documents.

The alternative proposed by Wacom is a signature pad where it has extensive experience but intended only to capture handwritten signatures and stamp them life in electronic documents without using paper, being stored digitally.

Wacom sells two models of its sign&save range the STU-500, which we tested, and the STU-300, a 100 Euro smaller and cheaper mobile model designed to travel. In both cases the goal is that you can sign the documents in PDF format directly to your computer without having to print a copy, afterwards signed and scanned.

The pad we reviewed has a monochrome display 10.2 x 7.6 cm (5” diagonal) with a 640 x 480 resolution that also points to capture the electronic signature in real time, while we sign with the pen, it also allows to show other content and your company logo. The size is large enough to capture any signature in comfort and without the pencil stumble at the edges as for example in portable devices used by some couriers for this purpose. This size of the model larger than the mobile version (but it proved it is still compact enough to carry it with a laptop if necessary) is because it is designed for use for customer service counters for this application but we miss a slot for Kensington locks.

To sign you use the included stylus without batteries, due to electromagnetic resonance technology and which can indicate up to 512 levels of pressure so it offers great fidelity and naturalness. In addition it is able to record the biometric characteristics of each signature such as pressure and speed of the stroke to ensure security.

You need the included software (sign I pro PDF) which is responsible for signature capturing and certificating PDF documents. You can use any kind of a PDF, which will be certified to indicate the reason for the signature that will show both on the tablet and in the signed document. Also all content shown in the document will appear on the pad screen in an additional window. In our case we signed the cover of our sister magazine IDG TechStyle, giving the final OK for its design for instance.

Once the document is signed it can be opened without problems with Adobe Reader, we suggest to download a list of trusted certificates to validate signed documents automatically and show us the signature panel on which we can verify if the signature (or signatures) are valid, and if the document is subsequently modified.

In short, a practical solution to avoid the use of paper documents just because it needs to be signed.”