Fiducia certified Softpro SignDoc

The largest IT service provider in Germany’s cooperative financial institute association has certified Softpro’s Software as having fulfilled its stringent security guidelines.

SignDoc, Softpro’s software for electronic signing, meets the security requirements of credit unions (i.e. “Volksbanken” and “Raiffeisen” banks). Fiducia IT AG, the largest IT service provider in the cooperative financial institute association, confirmed this test result in a security certificate for Softpro.

SignDoc in its current version, 3.1, was classified as safe to install and use on the Win XP workstation, the bank’s individual Win2003 Application Server (BAS) and the agree Vista workstation in the Fiducia-environment. The technical safety verification of third-party software was successfully completed for these application environments. The broad usage of Electronic Signatures in combination with SignPads in Spanish savings banks has recently been awarded the prestigious Innovation Prize by the German IT security association TeleTrusT. With immediate effect, credit unions can enjoy the benefits of capturing and processing handwritten signatures without paper in a certified secure environment.

SignDoc is not the first of Softpro’s software oft to meet their stringent security requirements. Softpro’s solution for the automatic comparison of signatures in paper based payment transactions – SignPlus, also marketed as FraudOne in the Americas – has also been certified via the same security validation since several years. This new certification cements Softpro’s further commitment for producing secure Software for the banking sector. SignPlus has already been successfully deployed for several institutes in association with Fiducia.

Fiducia places value on careful security validation of all third-party software such as that received by Softpro for obvious reasons: workstations in the banks can only be operated in a secure manner, if each component used at the workstation can be considered as secure. Several other IT service providers – whether based in Germany or abroad – rely on the recommendations of a security validation executed from Fiducia. Thus, for a software manufacturer like Softpro, a successful security validation is a positive signal beyond the market of credit unions in Germany.

You can read the full press release here.