sign&save chosen among the best products of 2012 for medium businesses

Wacom´s first plug&play signature capturing solution sign&save was awarded as one of the best products for small and medium businesses of the year out of more than 2500 nominees in its category. sign&save received the Certificate “Innovation Price for IT Best of 2012” in the category Office Management by the German community of interest “Initiative Mittelstand”. The price is already the second award for sign&save after the Spanish PC World Award.

Since 2004 the Inititive Mittelstand is supporting small and medium businesses across the country – is awarding the best IT solutions and products, especially created for the SMB sector: The “Innovationspreis-IT”. By the award, companies of all sizes are encouraged permanently to develop IT innovations, simplifying the daily workflow for small companies.

The jury, including professors, scientists, industry representatives and journalists, evaluated the submitted products and solutions according to a fixed criteria catalog for instance innovation (innovation, product maturity, and future orientation), suitability for SMEs (SME relevance, practicality and implementation) and the benefits (recognizable benefits, impact on profitability, efficiency). sign&save was fulfilling all criteria and convinced the 100 judges completely:

  • Innovation: With sign&save is delivering a unique and innovative signature capturing tool to the market.
  • Suitability: It is easy as 1,2,3 – install the software, connect the signature tablet to your PC, sign. Developed for SMBs, sign&save matches the needs of smaller companies being also available in two versions so it can be used either stationary or in the field.
  • Benefits: sign&save offers the user the possibility to achieve a paperless office even when a signature is required. As a result the user can increase his efficiency while working, not being bothered with the management of his paper documents anymore, saving time and money at the very end.

To find out more about sign&save click here.