STU-500 and SignDoc received certification mark of German Technical Inspection Association Group

TÜV Saarland, a member of the German Technical Inspection Association Group (Technischer Überwachungs-Verein, TÜV) recently certified SOFTPRO’s SignDoc in combination with Wacom’s signature pad STU-500. The TÜV was testing version 3.1 of SignDoc in conjunction with the signature tablet SignPad eSignio. TÜV Saarland confirms the easy and safe operation of this innovative software for electronic signatures with handwritten signatures.

The seamless interaction of STU-500 and Sign Doc could fully convince the testers. The systematical review included that in SignDoc data cannot be manipulated during the signing process and that SignDoc detects tampering in signed PDF files. The test of the integrity of a document is possible with SignDoc as in common PDF viewers such as Adobe Reader. Another test was carried out with software products that try to capture data from the traffic via USB. The TÜV confirms that sniffing data of the communication between STU-500 and SignDoc does not result in recording any usable data but just plain “junk data”.

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