STU-500: Electronic signature solution by TeleCash wins Retail Award

The German magazine “handelsjournal” announced our signature partner TeleCash among the winners of the annual “Top Produkt Handel” Award, an award to honour the best products for the retail sector. TeleCash won the award a second time in the row, being chosen as the best payment solution last year as well. This year TeleCash received the prize in the category of “environmental friendliness” silver status for its onlineArchive, which works in combination with the Wacom STU signature pad.

Signing at the POS

Thanks to the onlineArchive paper receipts become totally unnecessary at the point of sale (POS) as the receipt is not printed any longer after the payment process, but stored digitally.  The customers are asked to sign directly on the Wacom signature pad to confirm the transaction. Afterwards the data is transmitted to TeleCash and archived centrally on a secure server. Only the customer receives a paper receipt as usual.

50 per cent less material costs

The advantages of electronic filing: based on a paperless document management cash transactions are more efficient and administrative and material costs can be reduced. As a result, dealers can save up to 50 % of their paper usage and material costs, and other resources for handling the documents. The digital workflow offers the retail two important features: achieving a great share on environment protection on the one hand as and increasing the cost efficiency by an optimized process.

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