STU-520 wins Salon Solutions Bancaires Award as most innovative solution 2011

In cooperation with the French publishing house Publi-News the Salon Solutions Bancaires awarded Wacom STU-520 LCD signature pad as the most innovative solution 2011 for dematerialisation of flows and contracts.

Thomas Kaeb, Business Development Manager Southern Europe, was happy to receive the award during the Salon Solutions Bancaires conference 2011 in Paris. Wacom was selected by an independent jury, consisting of two banking professionals and two consultants, which evaluated several criterias such as innovation and customer benefits.

The STU-520 LCD signature pad with its wide range color display is the flagship product of the Wacom signature product range. Integrated into several banks across Europe such as CECA saving banks in Spain, Alior Bank in Poland or Banca Intesa in Italy successfully, Wacom already became a established and reliable partner for the banking sector, where cost efficiency and security are crucial. By archieving paperless transactions the banks manages to save costs and provide their customers an innovative and outstanding service.