Wacom awarded by France’s National Federation of Trusted Third Parties

Wacom has been awarded by France’s FNTC (Fédération Nationale des Tiers de Confiance). Each year, the Trusted Third Party Innovation Awards go to the best applications developed in the private sector.

For the tenth year running, the Trusted Third Party Innovation Awards have been held, highlighting and honouring projects and solutions relating to electronic data exchange – a key growth factor for the digital economy. Presented by France’s National Federation of Trusted Third Parties at the “Confidence in the Digital Economy Awards” ceremony in Paris, they are designed to encourage, promote and reward products whose features and properties make an outstanding contribution to creating a secure technological environment – and thereby help build up users’ confidence when they engage in electronic data exchange.

Wacom’s digital signature pads were honoured at this year’s ceremony, receiving the ‘Grand Prix’, the highest level of recognition in the Trusted Third Party Innovation Awards. Key features that make Wacom’s digital tablets stand out include:

-       Practical benefits for users and firms alike, such as dispensing with the need for paper when signing contracts

-       Quality in terms of the technical reliability of both hardware and software

-       ROI following the deployment of digital signature pads

-       Compliance with the legal and regulatory environment

-       Integration with clients’ information systems: simple and extremely easy to roll out

As well as bringing a zero-paper environment within reach, Wacom signature pads, like the STU-520, also preserve the ‘natural’ gesture of signing. Whether it’s for signing contracts over the counter, administrative formalities or payment transactions, they now provide a medium for a fully-fledged digital signature that is completely hassle-free for customers and vendors alike.

More Information on the FNTC can be found here