Wacom signature products recommended by German Bundesdruckerei

www.matthiastunger.deThe German federal printing office Bundesdruckerei recommends the signature solutions from Wacom among others. The recommended signature tablets can be used for the paperless application of e-passports and ID cards in German registration offices. As the application of new passports and ID cards needs several signatures from the applicant, the amount of paper is huge: A big potential to save paper, time and money.

Among the recommended products are the signature pads STU-300, STU-500 and STU-520 as well as the new signature display DTU-1031 from Wacom. Instead of signing on paper, the applicant is asked to provide his signature directly on the screen of the signature pad. If the used software provides biometric data, the signature device registers pressure, speed and acceleration of the pen during the signing process to generate an individual profile of each signatory to verify and authenticate the signature.

Besides the signature solutions, the Interactive Pen Displays from the PL- / DTU-series are as well recommended by the Bundesdruckerei for interested authorities.

Reducing operation costs by avoiding paper, Wacom signature pads are already used at registration offices, by the police and other authorities looking for a paperless administration: For instance the Berlin State Authority for Citizens and Regulatory Affairs as well as the registration office in the Bavarian city Erding capture all provided signatures electronically directly on the signature pad, simplifying the process for both employees and applicant. The task can be fulfilled much faster, reducing waiting times for each citizen on the one hand, saving time of the employee, making print-outs and traditional archiving unnecessary on the other hand.

More information about the solutions from the federeal printing office can be found here.