Signature Pads for electronic signatures from Wacom

Wacom – specialist for innovative solutions

Since our foundation in 1983, Wacom could establish itself as the market leader for signature pads. Our goal is to make working processes at the computer more natural and ergonomic.

The innovative ideas of Wacom and pioneering applications stand for themselves

Electronic, handwritten signatures become more and more important in business. As a world-leader for signature pads and pioneer of numerous products such as the Signature Display, we offer innovative solutions enabling our business customers to optimize their workflows. Focus is on a more flexible handling of computer technology as well as a broader range of applications. At the end, it is about creating a perfect harmony between the user and his technical environment.

What has been pen and paper in former times is pen and display nowadays, capturing ideas and acting as tool for communication and expression of personality. Here, the pen has been the central tool for graphics design; Wacom has committed itself to developing the pen further.

Our current product portfolio incorporates a patented, electromagnetic technology. This results in pressure sensitive computer input devices without battery or cable, offering highest flexibility and mobility. Professionals as well as amateurs are convinced of this groundbreaking technology.

This is no coincidence as Wacom convinces by its technical Know How as well as with high-quality design, functionality and ergonomics – one of the main reasons for our success in Europe, Asia and North America.

More and more enthusiastic customers from different industries

Today, numerous customers from different industries rely on the innovative business solutions made by Wacom. Among them are well-known telecommunications companies as well as large banks and corporations. Also, public authorities have discovered the advantages of Wacom’s technology. For private users also it offers several benefits. Arguments for Wacom portfolio are, besides the ease of use, the appealing design as well as the efficient use of time that is possible thanks to the elaborate products.

Wacom’s product variety

Wacom’s product portfolio includes the innovative Signature Displays, the Signature Pads as well as Pens.
The Signature displays not only enable users to add their handwritten signature to documents, they also help to create presentations that are more interactive and catching for the audience. With the help of the pen, handwritten input can be added directly on the 15 to 22 inch screen, enriching presentations with sketches, notes or mark-ups.

The range of applications for Wacom’s eSignature solutions is broad.

You can find Wacom signature pads in your local bank branch, at retailer shops or in telecoms shop for example. Have a look at efficient eSignature workflows in different use cases. Learn how Wacom´s eSignature solutions can help you to save time and money in various business segments. Please see the video to get a nice overview about our use cases or click on your preffered market segment on the right.”

Markets where Wacom pen input is changing lives

From capturing electronic signatures to drawing directly on the screen, Wacom has a pen solution for you.

If saving time, reducing costs, and improving customer service is important to you, then you may be interested to learn how Wacom helps companies and institutions achieve these results.

Wacom signature pads and pen displays add value to your customer experience

Capturing electronic handwritten signatures, filling out electronic forms, and allowing you to draw and write directly on the screen are all possible with a Wacom pen. Wacom pen technology is designed to provide your company with all of the benefits of the digital world, while providing your customers with a pen-on-paper experience that they are familiar with.