image-healthcareStreamlining the patient admission and registration process by implementing an electronic system for signing in and for completing consent forms benefits hospitals and clinics in many ways.

Patient satisfaction is improved by lowering waiting time. Hospital, clinic, and private practice costs related to printing, processing, scanning, archiving, and retrieving paper are dramatically reduced. Wacom’s small signature pads are readily accessible to patients for signing consent forms prior to treatment or procedures.

When Wacom pen displays are installed, patients unfamiliar with digital technology readily accept the idea of viewing documents, entering information, and signing directly on the screen with the pen. The electronic pen experience is very similar to writing on pen and paper.

Wacom signature pads and pen displays are incredibly reliable and durable for years of continuous use.

Benefits of an Electronic Admissions, Registration, and Consent System
• Increase patient satisfaction by creating fast, paperless processes at the point of registration and point of care
• Eliminate costs of paper forms such as financial costs, lost productivity, and environmental costs
• Simplify registration process by consolidating electronic forms that require a single signature
• Improve information availability by merging signed forms and consent forms into electronic health records
• Improve your ability to comply with new regulations
• Eliminate document loss
• Ensure data integrity and collect advanced biometric data for future verification requirements

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