Pen Display

Pen displays: full view.

Write, draw, or sign directly on the screen.

Our interactive pen displays are ground-breaking products for handling electronic forms and for quickly communicating complex concepts with a simple drawing. These monitors are ideal for displaying entire pages of electronic documents, presentations, or detailed information. The integrated pen technology allows the pen to be used anywhere on the screen to fill in electronic forms and sign documents electronically as if it were paper. This is helpful for reviewing contracts, agreements, or policies where you may want to highlight terms or indicate where signatures are required,
before signing.

You can also use the pen to make annotations and draw diagrams to quickly and effectively communicate complicated information in a simple, visual way. This allows doctors to help educate patients on their condition or treatment options by drawing diagrams on patient charts. The enhanced control that medical imaging professionals get from using the pen on the screen to contour structures and nodules on images allows them to work quickly with less fatigue. Presenters and trainers use the pen to mark-up and highlight their slides to increase audience interest and participation.

The pen also provides mouse functions to move the cursor, click, right-click, and double-click, so it is a fast and easy way to use any software application. This provides an intuitive and comfortable experience for all types of users.


Signature-Display-DTK-1660E Signature Display DTU-1141B Signature-Display-DTU-1031




Signature-Display-DTH-1152 Signature-Display-DTK-2451_DTH-2452


DTK-2451 / DTH-2452