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Wacom sign pro PDF

Wacom sign pro PDF is an application to capture handwritten signature electronically and securely add them to a PDF document on Desktop to mobile environments. By using sign pro PDF, you can sign the document, fill a form and add handwritten annotation on PDF documents electronically, avoiding the need to print and sign on paper. After it has been signed, the document is protected against subsequent changes.

sign pro PDF Enterprise App

ipad-sign-pro-pdfUnlimited use of signatures for efficient and secure paperless workflow

sign pro PDF Enterprise App is a stand-alone electronic signature application for enterprise users who are looking for an efficient, cost-effective signature solution in both iOS and Android mobile environments.

Available for 5000+ people in a single environment, sign pro PDF Enterprise App helps users to easily implement electronic signature and annotation into their digital workflow in mobile environments, eliminating paper documentation.

It is an ideal solution for over-the-counter services like in banks and insurance companies, repair services, and rental or delivery companies. Numerous businesses can expand their existing mobile infrastructure by using sign pro PDF Enterprise App.

While handwritten signatures on PDF can be quickly and securely captured, users can fill in forms and annotate existing PDF documents electronically. All this can be done working offline, without the need to sign in into any system.

All documents are locked and protected via a cryptographic hash. In situations where security is especially important, the combination of the app together with the Wacom styli allows for capturing biometric signatures sign pro PDF is not confined to a single operating system. All documents can be edited across different OS devices before signing. Since sign pro PDF works offline, users do not need an internet connection to work.

sign pro PDF Enterprise API

sign-pro-PDF-Enterprise-APIIntegrating a mobile signature solution into existing systems

sign pro PDF Enterprise API (Application Program Interface), available for iOS, Android and now for Windows, lets enterprise users in a wide range of industries integrate their existing system or application with the sign pro PDF Enterprise app. This enables them to build a secure, cost-effective mobile solution for adding handwritten electronic signatures, freehand form-input and annotation to documents.

When security is critical, the sign pro PDF Enterprise App integrates with your existing system to enable the capture of biometric signatures with Wacom styli or other supported pen-enabled devices. Documents annotated with sign pro PDF can also be edited across different OS environments before signing.

The new sign pro PDF Enterprise API for Windows also allows electronic handwritten signatures to be incorporated into cloud-based workflows. When a user enters the cloud-based system, the PDF document to be signed is passed to the sign pro PDF app. After the user signs and completes the document, the PDF is saved to a specified server and control of the document is returned to the cloud system.

Finally, flexible licensing ensures that usage of the sign pro PDF Enterprise API is scalable and can be adapted easily to growing organizations, varying user numbers, and multiple OS environments.

sign pro PDF for Windows

windows-sign-pro-pdfSimple and secure eSignature software for Windows

sign pro PDF for Windows is a simple and secure eSignature software, which allows you to sign your PDF document electronically and share it securely, without the process of printing, signing and scanning the document. It is also an ideal solution for form input, free-hand annotations, and a post-it on your PDF.

Users can sign documents using a Wacom signature pad or pen display, which enables your customers or clients to sign their names just like they would on paper, you can also save the document for record keeping or distribution. The document is Adobe Acrobat compatible, so it can be viewed by any PDF viewer.

Documents signed and saved in sign pro PDF for Windows are secured via cryptographic hash, which allows you to detect any subsequent changes made to the document. Furthermore, with the new eSignature certificate creation function, you will be able to create a new certificate within the application. In addition, biometric data is automatically recorded and saved as a part of the signature.

System Requirements

  • PC: Windows Vista or later
  • Wacom signature pad (STU series), pen display (Cintiq or DTF/DTU/PL_series), pen tablets equipped with a Wireless Kit (Intuos5, Intuos5 Refresh, Intuos CTL-/CTH-series, Bamboo latest generation) or other supported Wacom devices including the tablet PC with built-in Wacom digitizer.


sign pro PDF for iOS
sign pro PDF for Android


sign pro PDF for iOS / Android is the ideal software for business users, who want to profit from a high quality mobile signature solution. If a document needs to be signed, it doesn’t need to be printed out and scanned after signing. It can immediately be processed or archived digitally.


Users with iPads based on iOS 8.0 or later can enjoy the full functionality of electronic handwritten signatures. By using a Wacom active stylus– like Bamboo Fineline 2, it makes biometric signature capturing a comfortable experience for the user and a reliable tool for all parties involved in the process.

Available on the App Storeget started


Users of Android 4.4.2 or later have full functionality of electronic handwritten signatures.

With either Samsung Galaxy Note series or tablets that make use of Wacom EMR technology, documents which need a higher level of security can profit from the biometric signature.

Android app on Google playget started

sign pro PDF is available in App store and Google Play respectively. The software comes with three signature credits free of charge. Users can buy additional signatures with In-App purchases.

Datasheet – sign pro PDF


Features sign pro PDF for iOS
sign pro PDF for Android
iOS    Android
sign pro PDF Enterprise App for iOS
sign pro PDF Enterprise App for Android
iOS    Android
sign pro PDF for Windows
Touch Wacom Device *1 Touch Wacom Device *1
Capture electronic signature
Create, convert PDF - - - -
Annotation / Form Filling
Record biometric data - -
Locked and protected via cryptographic hash
Maximum number of signatures 100 signatures / user
(In-app purchase available)
Unlimited Unlimited
Distribution App Store (iOS)
Google Play (Android)
In-house Distribution for iOS
ADB (Android device bridge) for Android
Compatible OS iOS iOS 8.0 or later iOS 8.0 or later -
Android Android OS 4.4.2 or later Android OS 4.4.2 or later -
Windows - - Windows Vista or later
Minimum Runtime One time Yearly Monthly / Yearly
*1 Wacom Device (Compatible Devices with Wacom Technology)


  • Bamboo Stylus Fineline
  • Bamboo Fineline 2
  • Intuos Creative Stylus
  • Intuos Creative Stylus 2
  • The Wacom active stylus products above are designed for use with iPads featuring Bluetooth® Smart technology, including: iPad Mini 1,2 and 3, iPad 3 and 4, iPad Air 1 and 2.



  • Samsung Galaxy Note series
  • Tablets that make use of Wacom EMR
  • STU Series
  • Bamboo or Intuos pen tablet series
  • Cintiq or DTF/DTU/ PL-series pen display
  • OEM tablet PCs with built-in Wacom digitizer