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Solution Partners

Wacom´s goal is to provide individual, customer-specific eSignature solutions. By cooperating with system integrators, we can add industry-related and regional expertise. Rather than selling off-the-shelf packages, we do a thorough consultation process, considering all aspects of business and regional requirements. Click on the contact us button and send us your inquiry.

is a duly registered firm under the existing laws of the Philippines. This corporation is engaged in designing, developing and implementing Business System Solutions and services covering courseware, web page development and designing, user-defined system programming.
MULTISYS is universally known for its partner-built applications that provides system solutions for the most pressing challenges facing companies today. MULTISYS affordable and efficient System Solutions are products of eight (8) solid years of designing and programming here in the Philippines as well as abroad (Europe & Middle East). This solid-rock programming team is composed of an independent team of professionals highly skilled in information technology, business analysis, quality assurance and system automation.
MULTISYS is built on time-honored, rock-solid management principles: principles that guarantee a company’s success. What is more, MULTISYS core strength is about its passion to provide exceptional business solutions to prove that MULTISYS products will never be considered as an added cost but a package of complete profitable and cost lessening investment, making its products a solid-partner of its clients to provide QUALITY SERVICE, EFFICIENT WORKFORCE, and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.