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About Wacom Business Solutions

Our vision is “”a world alive with creativity”", and our mission is that “”we inspire and equip people to make the world a more creative place”". The Wacom Business Solutions team believes that creativity can be found anywhere, especially when it comes to solving challenges that face your business. We are here to inspire you to expand your paperless initiatives, and to help your organization choose the right hardware and software to delight your customers and provide years of reliable service.

For business applications such as capturing electronic handwritten signatures and completing electronic forms with digital ink, Wacom’s intuitive input devices improve workflow efficiencies and reduce costs while providing both you and your customers a natural and engaging experience.

With our deep experience in pen-based input and in designing world-class ergonomic devices, we have become a leading provider of electronic signature solutions, interactive pen displays, supporting software, and digital styli.

Our global structure and presence ensures first class customer support in all regions of the world.