Mobile Signature

Mobile signature: Capture electronic handwritten signatures using mobile devices.

Tablets, iPads, and mobile touch screen devices are useful tools for business, especially in the field. Offering your customers and your remote staff with the capability to view documents, enter handwritten information, and sign electronically provides your business with back-office efficiencies from a digital workflow.

Adding a Wacom stylus will enhance the functionality of your mobile device. Insurance agents, technicians, service and maintenance professionals use these for presentations, entering customer data, and capturing customer approvals.

Wacom pen products are designed to make the digital world feel like the real world. Our products that were designed for creating digital art all capture high quality pen data. This pen data can also be used for writing, drawing, and capturing electronic handwritten signatures on mobile devices.

Here is a list of Wacom branded products that are widely available for consumers, creative professionals, and businesses, which also can help you add digital ink and electronic signature capabilities to your field operations.