image-telNumerous telecommunications operators, such as Vodafone, Orange and Telefónica have integrated electronic handwritten signatures into their existing customer systems.

Many documents require signatures in the telecommunications sector, such as contracts and service plan changes for mobile, fixed line, and internet services. The time required to manually transfer, check, and process these documents is time that could be spent serving customers or pursuing incremental sales. Not only is time costly, but so is the cost of handling paper, especially since it increases over time. Your organization can integrate electronic handwritten signatures into your existing customer systems – saving time and money. Time that can be better spent getting customers connected quicker, or time focused on providing a higher level of service to your customers.

Wacom signature pads are excellent choices for kiosks and locations where counter space is limited. For a more immersive and interactive customer experience, a Wacom pen display allows the customer to view entire documents as well as use the pen directly on the screen to fill out forms and applications with digital ink, as well as sign their name electronically. Using a Wacom pen to write or sign is just like using a pen and paper. Anyone can do it.

Benefits of an eSignature System for Telecommunications:
• Increase efficiencies in approving and authorizing customer transactions
• Simplify the account opening process for customers
• Increase customer satisfaction by creating fast, paperless processes at the point of transaction
• Eliminate costs of paper forms such as financial costs, lost productivity, and environmental costs
• Streamline the documentation process of applying for new service or updating contracts
• Digital contracts can be retrieved, updated, and signed electronically creating a secure and binding agreement faster and easier than the traditional paper process
• Improve security of personal information and compliance with privacy policies as electronic contracts bound with electronic signatures are tamper evident
• Increase customer satisfaction and reinforce your brand as being a digital innovator and environmentally conscious

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