Bespoke Solutions

Specific industries often have their very special requirements.

Wacom works with leading signature software vendors, who are offering a variety of applications. These are compatible to Wacom´s signature pads and displays and can be added into existing processes or application infrastructure.

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Wacom and XYZMO have a long lasting partnership based on Wacom’s hardware solutions and XYZMO’s SIGNificant platform. Together, they are able to provide the best combination of eSignature solutions and signature capturing devices for different use case scenarios. The XYZMO SIGNificant platform provides the user interface and tools needed to define an optimal eSignature process and user experience. The platform’s building blocks make it suitable for signature pads, interactive pen displays, mobile devices or web-based signing alike. In addition to a deep manual signature verification that a forensic expert can do anytime afterwards using the SIGNificant PenAnalyst software, XYZMO also provides a signature verification that authenticates a signature against a pre-enrolled signature profile database in real-time. As the system can use all recorded biometric data for its signature verification, the false acceptance/rejection rates it achieves are in the low one-digit percentage range. Wacom and XYZMO have a large track-record of successful implementations in different countries and industries such as Unicredit, Poste Italiane, Generali Insurance, Vodafone or KPN.