Signature pad

Signature pads: robust and reliable

Wacom’s signature pads provide industry-leading reliability.

Because our technology is embedded under the display, and not on signing surface, it delivers outstanding longevity. Unlike resistive technologies, Wacom products are not impacted by wear or scratches to the screen surface. Our patented EMR technology does not require batteries to power the pen and no wires to transmit signals, so they are maintenance free and will not fail if the tether is damaged. In addition to a robust design that provides years of service, our signature pads capture advanced biometric data for more accurate verification. The signature data can be transmitted securely with modern encryption capabilities. They also feature an ergonomic design that is comfortable to use and looks great on a counter, kiosk, or desk.

Signature-Pad-STU-540 Signature-Pad-STU-530 Signature-Pad-STU-430



STU-430 / STU-430V