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Our preparations for European’s new data protection law

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Our preparations for European’s new data protection law

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More Space for Visual Workflows

Wacom introduces new flagship to its pen display family for presenting, writing and annotating as well as any eDocument-workflow that requires pen input functionality or signing.

January 17, 2018 Tokyo, Japan – A new flagship product for business applications and education was introduced by Wacom today. The full-HD 24-inch screen offers ample room and a high-resolution display (1920 x 1080 pixels). To reflect the wide range of use environments it is available in two models: the pen only version (DTK-2451) and the pen & touch version (DTH-2452).
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Wacom’s DTH-1152 Pen Display Makes Reviewing and Signing Electronic Documents Easy, Flexible and Secure

July 13, 2017 Tokyo, Japan – Today, Wacom Co., Ltd. announces the DTH-1152 – its most full-featured, compact pen display for businesses looking to implement electronic review, completion and signing of documents. With its combination of Wacom’s industry-leading pen input and a multi-touch screen, the DTH-1152 gives organizations such as banks, hospitals, insurance companies and public sector departments an improved way to make signing documents paperless and user-friendly.
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The Wacom Clipboard Helps Businesses Turn Paper Documents to Digital in Real-time

June 7, 2017 Tokyo, Japan – Today Wacom Co., Ltd. announces the PHU-111 Wacom Clipboard, a smartpad that lets users complete and sign documents using standard paper forms with ink and converts the documents to a digital version in real-time. As part of Wacom’s family of signature solutions, biometric handwritten signatures can also be captured and attached. The digital documents can then be saved to local PCs, or uploaded immediately to servers or the cloud for easy document management. For businesses like service, healthcare, insurance industries and public sectors that still want or need to use paper forms but want to archive digitally, the Wacom Clipboard provides a secure and easy way to instantaneously digitize and save these paper documents without changing current paper-based workflows.
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Wacom Introduces sign pro plug-in for Easy Signing in Adobe Acrobat

November 3, 2016 Portland, Oregon – Wacom Co., Ltd. today announced the availability of its sign pro plug-in for Adobe Acrobat. This new software plug-in allows users to easily add handwritten electronic signatures captured on a Wacom signature pad or business pen display directly into PDF documents using the Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader software they already have.
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Wacom Introduces Most Full-Featured and Flexible Signature Pads with the STU-540

Sep 13, 2016 Tokyo, Japan – Wacom Co., Ltd. today announced the addition of the STU-540, its most advanced and robust signature pad, to its industry leading family of signature capture devices. Combining the broadest range of connectivity options, user conveniences and top-level encryption, the STU-540 is the premier choice for organizations looking to implement handwritten electronic signature into their workflow. Read more

Wacom broadens support for virtualized computing environment with the new STU-430V signature pad

July 21, 2016 Tokyo, Japan – Today Wacom Co., Ltd. announced the latest addition to its signature pad portfolio, the STU-430V — adding to its growing support for handwritten electronic signature capture in virtualized desktop environments. The STU-430V’s connectivity options enable it to be installed in a variety of terminal server environments, allowing a broader audience to implement signature pads from the global leader in dedicated signature capture devices.
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Over 300 Wacom Pen Tablets Installed in 126 Branches of Citibank Korea for Electronic Document Processing

Wacom’s proven digital pen tablet solution enhances customers‘ satisfaction by shortening process time

2016. 7. 13 / Seoul – Wacom Co., Ltd. announced today that 317 units of its DTU-1141 have been installed in branches of Citibank Korea Inc. for electronic document processing including digital signature, furthering the company‘s initiative to go completely paperless and shortening process time to create remarkable customer experiences.
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Wacom’s DTK-1651 pen display combines high resolution with small footprint, offering secure and paperless eDocuments solutions

The 15.6” Full HD resolution LCD pen display demonstrates Wacom’s drive to provide efficient and secure state-of-the-art solutions featuring Digital Ink

June 8, 2016 Tokyo, Japan – Wacom Co., Ltd. today announced the latest product in its pen display portfolio, the DTK-1651. With a premium industrial design, the 15.6” Full HD pen display allows A4 and letter-sized eDocuments to be viewed, edited and signed without shrinking or scrolling. The DTK-1651 enables businesses as well as health and educational institutions to save money and go paperless, and offers best-in-class features for advanced performance.
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Wacom launches sign pro PDF Enterprise for iOS and Android

Providing both App and API for System Plug-in

May 12, 2016 (Tokyo, Japan) – Broadening its reach in the global electronic signature market, Wacom Co, Ltd announced it will add the sign pro PDF Enterprise App and sign pro PDF Enterprise API (Application Programming Interface) to its sign pro PDF family for iOS and Android. sign pro PDF Enterprise enables large and medium-sized businesses to enjoy the benefits of an efficient, cost-effective and paperless signature solution, which helps users easily create and implement electronic signature or annotation, and authorize documents.
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Wacom sign pro PDF for iOS and Android: for easy and cost effective implementation of electronic handwritten signature

January 26, 2016 (Tokyo, Japan) — Wacom Co, Ltd announced it will launch sign pro PDF for iOS and for Android, the electronic signature application which helps companies in various industries, regardless of size, to create and implement electronic signature and annotation into their digital workflow in mobile environments. By using sign pro PDF with their digital document management workflow, users can efficiently handle and authorize documents completely paperless. Read more