Wacom Introduces sign pro plug-in for Easy Signing in Adobe Acrobat

November 3, 2016 Portland, Oregon – Wacom Co., Ltd. today announced the availability of its sign pro plug-in for Adobe Acrobat. This new software plug-in allows users to easily add handwritten electronic signatures captured on a Wacom signature pad or business pen display directly into PDF documents using the Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader software they already have.

By installing the Wacom sign pro plug-in for Adobe Acrobat, the ability to capture and insert handwritten electronic signatures is automatically enabled in Acrobat or Reader applications. When prompted, users simply sign on a Wacom signature capture device and the signature is inserted into the document.

The sign pro Acrobat plug-in works with any of Wacom’s signature pads or business pen displays. With its wide-ranging hardware portfolio, Wacom has choices to meet the needs of any individual or organization.

“Adding eSignatures to PDF documents maintains the well-accepted process of collecting handwritten signatures for authorization or consent – but makes it paperless. With the release of the Wacom sign pro plug-in for Adobe Acrobat, we are expanding our support for those customers that want to capture signatures as part of a paperless process,” said Larry Torri, Senior Sales Director of Wacom Technology Corporation. “The sign pro plug-in for Adobe Acrobat is easy to install and use, yet still provides signed, secure and verifiable documents to businesses and individuals.”

Produce secure signed documents
The sign pro plug-in for Adobe Acrobat offers the following features to protect and validate your signed document.

  • Signatures are securely bound to the document. The signature and the biometric information of the signer are applied to the document.
  • Using Adobe Acrobat/Reader’s built in Certificate Signatures, changes to the document after it is signed can
    be detected.
  • Date and time are captured with the signature. The plug-in also allows the signer to include their name and reason
    for signing.

Beautifully rendered handwritten signatures
The sign pro plug-in for Adobe Acrobat uses WILL (Wacom Ink Layer Language – Wacom’s universal inking technology) rendering to create signatures that look just like ink on paper.

The sign pro plug-in for Adobe Acrobat joins a growing portfolio of software and tools available from Wacom – including Wacom’s family of sign pro PDF products. Those looking for an application with a broader set of features should also consider Wacom’s sign pro PDF for Windows available on Wacom’s Marketplace.

Availability and Pricing
Wacom’s sign pro plug-in for Adobe Acrobat is currently available to residents of the US and Canada via Wacom’s Marketplace. For a limited time, it is free to download at
https://us-marketplace.wacom.com (US) and https://ca-marketplace.wacom.com (Canada)

About Wacom
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