Significant decrease of paper management costs with Wacom DTU-1141 at Abanka d.d., Slovenia

Abanka d.d. is the second largest bank in Slovenia with 60 branches across the country and operates the second largest network of cash machines in Slovenia. The bank is renowned as a technologically progressive and innovative bank which ensures new products are constantly developed and new processes are introduced that provide the highest possible level of service for its customers.

The bank has introduced legally compliant eSignature points within branches across the country.

Abanka took the decision to introduce electronic document signatures in order to ensure the highest possible level of customer satisfaction and business process optimisation.

The bank introduced the SETCCE ePero® eSignature system gradually in stages, starting with electronic signatures for the most frequently used documents within the business process for the general public. The bank is currently preparing to expand eSignature to documentation for legal entities.

The SETCCE ePero® solution enables documents to be signed and transmitted electronically within a safe and legislation-compliant archive.

The Wacom DTU-1141 pen display allows the user to view all their documentation in a user-friendly format prior to signing. This is exceptionally important for the bank as well as the customer, as the sales specialist can point out areas that are especially important for the other party in the transaction.

Further to this solution offered by the program, another benefit of the Wacom pen display is the use of the aforementioned technology for pre and post sales functions. While the sales specialist is discussing conditions with the client, the client can view bank news in advert form (with picture or video content), browse the bank website, or fill in a feedback form.

Abanka has significantly decreased its paper management costs thanks to the SETCCE ePero® eSignature program and the DTU-1141 pen display. The absence of printing and managing paper documentation has eased the burden on employees in their contact with customers as well as on clients themselves. Abanka has optimised its postal distribution, printing, scanning and document archiving costs using electronic signatures for banking documentation – electronic signatures which are, in addition, legislation-compliant, safe and backed up via an effective electronic archive.

“This solution for the electronic signing of documentation has been extremely well received by users, who are above all satisfied with the optimisation of tasks in connection with documentation and the quick access to all their documentation in the e-archive. It’s important for the client to be able to familiarise themselves with the whole contract prior to signing and for certain parts of the contract to be individually shown or highlighted”, adds Mrs Damjanovičeva, the executive director – retail banking and micro enterprises division, Abanka.