SMAU, Milan

2013/10/23-25 SMAU, Milan

Meet Wacom at the most important Italian event dedicated to Information&Communication Technology. Taking place from October 23 to 25 interested visitors have the chance to discover the signature solutions from Wacom and its partners. SMAU is designed to help main national and international suppliers of ICT solutions meet entrepreneurs, corporate and public administration decision makers and ICT channel operators: a meeting during which the cutting-edge technological novelties and benefits for business deriving from adoption of digital technologies will be presented.

Wacom will present the range of signature capturing devices including the well-known signature pads STU-520 or the innovative signature display DTU-1031. Next to these signature pads and related SW products and developers tools Wacom will also showcase completely new innovations.

Wacom will be at SMAU Milano with the most important Italian Signature Partners. Visit us at Wacom Village and take part to our Workshop. (PAD. 2)