image-healthcareStreamlining the patient registration process by implementing an electronic system for signing in and for completing consent forms benefits hospitals and clinics in many ways.

Patient satisfaction is improved by lowering waiting time and costs related to processing and archiving paper are dramatically reduced. Patients unfamiliar with digital technology readily accept the idea of viewing documents on a Wacom interactive display prior to entering information and signing directly on the screen with the pen.

With advanced medical record charts, handwritten input is now possible to enhance patient communication and chart management. Medical professionals can draw and write directly on charts and even x-rays. Since the information is all digital, doctors can be consulted remotely to offer their expert advice by viewing the digital records. The records can also be sent directly to pharmacies for quick filling of prescriptions. The whole system combines to offer better patient satisfaction and higher quality care.

Becoming a paperless clinic with Wacom STU-520 signature pad

Marcin Sikora, Head of the Clinic “Usmiech na 5: ”I was looking for a reliable solution for many years now. The usage of Wacom signature pads in everyday medical practice primarily minimizes the time of handling the administration of documents, which we can fully devote to our patients. As a result, it reduces costs and eliminates all the problems that arise from accumulating patient documents. Thanks to the Wacom STU-520 we finally achieved the goal to become a “clinic without paper”.
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