Archivio di prodotti


Wacom has a large selection of signature products. As business and innovation proceed, some of them are not available any more. At the same time, a lot of these products are still in use as they provide reliable, robust eSignature solutions and have a long lifetime.

Thus, we have put all those products into our product archive.

So, if you have come across a product name that you didn’t find anywhere else on the website, here might be the place to look for it. Or you are still using one of those products and need to look something up.

Whatever your intention might be, please have a look at our product archive.

Signature Pads: Small, robust and reliable

Signature-Pad-STU-520 Signature-Pad-STU-500 Signature-Pad-STU-300




Signature-Display-DTU-1031 Signature-Display-PL-1600 Signature-Display-DTK-1651