The STU-300B LCD Signature Pad offers a quality 4″ monochrome display. With its small, compact design and durable, robust quality, this capture device is well-suited for professionals working with digital documents that require customer signatures.


STU-300B features and benefits

  • 4″ monochrome, transreflective LCD provides easy viewing in all lighting conditions
  • Small, compact design for easy transport and efficient use of counter space
  • Wacom’s patented cordless, battery-free pen with 512 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • Hardened glass protects the LCD and is highly scratch resistant
  • Captures legally-binding electronic handwritten signatures


With its compact and robust design, the Wacom STU-300B LCD signature pad is ideal use in the field or on counters where space is limited. Insurance agents and field service professionals appreciate its small size and on-board pen holder. Their customers can quickly and safely sign contracts, authorize payments and confirm deliveries – all without paper documents. It is also a great choice for customer-facing counter and desktop applications where only the signature is needed to be captured.


STU-300B Factsheet

Specyfikacje techniczne

General specifications

Wymiary (S x G x W) 156 x 126.86 x 16.9 mm (6.1 x 5 x 0.7 inch)
Interfejs komunikacyjny USB
Zasilanie energią via USB
Security Lock Slot Nie
Typ F-STN, monochrome, reflective
Przekątna ekranu 4 '' (98.985 x 24.985 mm)
Rozdzielczość 2540 lpi
Technologia Rezonans elektromagnetyczny (EMR)
Poziomy nacisku pióra 512
Dokładność współrzędnych ± 0.5 mm (center)
Nie wymagające baterii Pen Tak
bezprzewodowe Pen Tak
Częstość próbkowania 200 pps