image-pos_retailPaperless workflows in retail situations continue to grow at an extremely rapid pace.
Electronic handwritten signatures are used for terms of service contracts, agreements, and other applications. By signing electronically, retail companies can gain record-tracking efficiencies and cost-saving benefits by reducing paper.

Electronic handwritten signatures are an integral part of paperless workflows at retail stores. The digital information can be easily stored in databases that can automatically send out confirmations to customers. In addition, the digital data can be included in back-office operations for greater efficiency.

Electronic signature with STU-500 at Görtz stores

Together with POS Solutions GmbH, the Ethalon GmbH, the software daughter company of Ludwig Görtz GmbH, is implementing the use of signature pads as a pilot project to simplify the payment procedure for their customers. Receipts are easily signed using Wacom signature pads in the stores. Thanks to the paperless solution, every cashier saves a shoe box full of receipts every month.
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