Public Sector

image-public-sectorWacom signature pads and interactive displays in the public sector are used to complete and sign electronic forms.
Filling out a complaint form, applying for a new passport, driver’s license and other documents often involves signing. The digital application saves scanning, uses up little space and allows documents to be found quickly in the event of subsequent queries. The simplified working process gives staff more time for dealing with citizens and saves money, as paper, printer and ink are no longer required.

Electronic handwritten signatures are also a part of several documents like passports, ID cards or access cards. Wacom signature pads are used to capture handwritten signatures with high resolution and can include biometric profiles embedded in passports and IDs. Thus Wacom signature pads are already in use at registration offices, law enforcement and other authorities.

Paperless: Berlin authorities make use of Wacom STU-500 signature pads to achieve paperless office solution

Berlin to New York. This isn’t a new flight route we are talking about. In fact, it is the distance that could be covered if all the sheets of paper that will be saved over the course of the next 10 years by the Berlin State Authority for Citizens and Regulatory Affairs (Landesamt für Bürger- und Ordnungsangelegenheiten) due to its use of Wacom’s STU-500 LCD signature pad were to be laid out next to each other.
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