European Banking Forum, 20th – 21st May 2015, Brussels

The European Banking Customer Acquisition & Retention Forum in Brussels (20th to 21st May 2015) is the major banking event in the Benelux region. It enables senior executives from technology, business development and operations at leading retail banks to evaluate and discuss solutions that will help increase customer acquisition and retention and improve operational efficiency and customer experience at the same time.

For the first time, Wacom and Connective will present their common solution to leading banks, highlighting the importance of a comfortable, positive customer experience where the integration of the electronic signature is one of the cornerstones.

The partnership between the two companies runs since 2012. Connective provides a comprehensive and innovative technology platform to create, sign and distribute digital documents based on relevant business data – any format, any platform. Together with Wacom’s Signature Pads and Signature Displays, this shapes a full digital contract & signature solution that can be adapted to the bank’s individual needs, when necessary. Following the growing trend for mobile solutions, Wacom and Connective also offer iOS and Android compatible solutions enabling a flawless end user experience.

To learn more about how Wacom & Connective’s signature solution that can make your banking processes more efficient and be part of an unprecedented customer experience, please send us a mail to