Signature Whitepaper: Wacom digital signature solutions

Paper is one of the oldest forms of storing data and continues to be one of the most common still used today. However, as many businesses, banks and retail organizations know, it can be a real burden for budgets. Just to document customer transactions, more than 100 million paper sheets are used by an average major bank every year, resulting in expenditures of several million Euro. Following this, the paper has to be stored and archived and thereby requires additional resources.

To help solve these cost and storage issues, technical progress has brought some practical innovations. For example, a variety of organizations can now employ technical solutions such as signature pads. In the retail market, signature tablets such as the STU-520 are the most appropriate way to avoid large numbers of receipts and documents when the customer pays with their EC or credit card. Signature tablets can be more than just useful; they can help in saving time, material and money. And, they can help to optimize workflows as well.

This whitepaper gives insights into the world of electronic signature. Learn about the fields of application and the extremely high saving potential.

You can download the signature whitepaper here