Technology Whitepaper: Signature Capturing with the Wacom signature devices

Wacom signature tablets arrived on the market in 2007. Today hundreds of thousands of these devices are in use around the world.

The initial spark for the development of this highly successful device category was based on a wish list from many customers in the financial industry. Excellent capturing quality and robustness ranks high on their list. Signature pads like STU-520, the STU-500 or the signature display DTU-1031 fulfill these requirements perfectly. They are built by the world market leader for pen tablets: Wacom.

Today signature tablets are being used not only in financial institutions across many countries but also in retail, insurance, telecommunication, furniture stores, government agencies (citizen service bureaus and car registration offices) and at many other workplaces. The advantages of Wacom signature pads are evident wherever signing documents are part of company procedure.

This whitepaper explains why you can rely on these types of signature pads in particular.

You can download the technology whitepaper here