Wacom expanding in Italy

The leading manufacturer of signature pads Wacom is expanding its Business Solutions Department in Italy. Sonia Cosma Anellino is joining Wacom Business Solutions as a Business Development Manager particularly for Italy. She will be responsible for the further development of the eDocs/Signature business in Italy. Sonia Anellino has worked for Canon, SIAV and SAP before and will now support Wacom Business Solutions with her wide experience in selling IT-solutions and eDocument solutions. For Wacom, Italy is the biggest signature/eDocs market in Europe. And with staffing Sonia Anellino, Wacom not only reference the steady growth of Wacom Business Solutions, but also focuses on the most important market in Europe.

Renowned Italian clients such as the Hilton Hotel Milan, Poste Italiane, Credem, Telepass Punto Blu or the Banca Intensa SanPaolo already rely on the high-quality signature pads from Wacom. As many businesses, banks and retail organizations know, paper can be a real burden for budgets. Many organizations now require their clients to sign documents directly at the counter or point of sale. Instead of signing on paper, the applicant is asked to provide his signature directly on the screen of the signature pad. If the used software provides biometric data, the tablet registers pressure, speed and acceleration of the pen during the signing process to generate an individual profile of each signatory to verify and authenticate the signature. With the implementation of signature capturing devices, companies can ensure a fully paperless and efficient workflow.

One of the main reasons for the huge success – not only in Italy, but also in the rest of Europe – is the high quality of the signature devices from Wacom. The patented pen technology by the market leader worldwide, guarantees all clients a long life time period of each signature tablet. This unique design, boasting an EMR sensor under temped glass, ensures that the display resists even sharp objects like scissors or pins, in case they get in contact with the sign pad. Even though many Wacom displays are being used more than 500 times each day, all installed Wacom signature tablets work unattended.

Signature pads like STU-520, the STU-500 or the signature display DTU-1031 are standing for an excellent capturing quality and robustness Wacom sign pads are known for.