Wacom at Infosecurity: Electronic Signature and Security

Brussels, 02.03.2017 – Wacom Business Solutions, provider of signature tablets and solutions for electronic documents, informs on the capabilities and security of the electronic digital signature during Infosecurity on 22 and 23 March at Brussels Expo. During the trade fair, Wacom can be found at stand number 03.A106 where Wacom demonstrates its solutions and addresses the latest developments in signing paperless. At the stand, a digital caricaturist is also present, giving live demos.

Thomas Kaeb, Senior Sales Manager at Wacom, will give a seminar titled: “Electronic signature and security: a European reality for eSignature Transaction and Security Business” on both days from 12:45 to 1:15 pm in theater 9.

Synergy between user and technology

Many organisations endeavor to digitize their processes as much as possible and make them paperless from the viewpoint of efficiency, cost savings and sustainability. Yet there often still remain ‘paper moments’ at the beginning and end of a transaction, when information must filled in on the spot and a signature is required for the legality of placing the order or receiving goods.

As worldwide leader in signature pads such as the Signature Display, Wacom offers innovative solutions with which business users can optimize their work processes. Their focus is on a more flexible interaction with computer technology, and a broad use in applications, with the goal of creating perfect harmony between the users and their technical environment.

Infosecurity takes place on 22 and 23 March at Brussels Expo. Invitation registration is available on following link.