image-telMany documents require signatures in the telecommunications sector, such as contracts for mobile, fixed line and internet services, as well as pricing changes.
The time required to manually transfer, check, and process these documents in addition to the cost of handling paper is extremely high. Numerous telecommunications operators, such as Vodafone, Orange and Telefónica have therefore integrated electronic handwritten signatures into their existing customer systems. The time thus saved by shop operators means that customers are connected quicker and that staff at points of sale have more time to provide guidance and advice.

Sunrise Telecommunications customers give digital signatures on Wacom’s STU-500 signature pad

“Please sign here.” Sunrise-shop manager Zvoni Kesten shows the customer where she can sign her new mobile telephone contract. What is special in this case is that, rather than countless signatures on paper, the customer only has to sign once – digitally on Wacom’s STU-500 LCD signature pad. By the time she gets home she will have received all the contract documents in her e-mail inbox.
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Wacom signature pads at Mobitel, Slovenia

Boštjan Robežnik, CIO at Mobitel: “Mobitel is the leading company in electronic operations and we pay attention to the reduction of paper in our processes, as we are aware both of the savings potential and the environmental benefits of paperless operations. The electronic signature solution, which was implemented in cooperation with SETCCE, is designed for Wacom STU-300 and Wacom STU-500 signature pads. Our users and business partners are satisfied with the transparency of electronic signatures on Wacom devices and love the simplicity of their use.”
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Telekom Austria – digital signatures with Wacom PL-720

Have you heard of DUPOS? No, it isn’t a political party or a new brand of chewing gum. The five letters stand for “Digitale Unterschrift am Point-of-Sale” (digital signature at the point of sale) at the Austrian mobile network operator A1 Telekom Austria AG. What might at first sound complicated is in fact an internationally leading solution with which the A1 SHOPS are setting a new standard in service quality – realised with PL-720 interactive pen displays from Wacom.
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