Getting started – sign pro PDF for iOS

Getting started with Wacom sign pro PDF for iOS

How to open and edit a document

sign-pro-pdf-get-started-1When you receive a document, for example as an email attachment, you can use Share to transfer it to sign pro PDF:

Use Share to copy the document to sign pro PDF then select it in the updated file browser. Once the document has been displayed you’ll see the main toolbar as follows:


Several toolbar icons give options for you to navigate the document and display its contents.
This icon: sign-pro-pdf-get-started-3 opens the editing toolbar as follows:


How to connect your pen

You can use the editing tools with your finger or stylus but if you have a Wacom Active pen you must first make
a Bluetooth connection by selecting the icon: sign-pro-pdf-get-started-5. Follow the instructions to connect your pen.

How to sign

To sign the document, select the signing icon: sign-pro-pdf-get-started-6 After this, draw a rectangle in the document where you want your signature to appear. A popup window displays your signature as you sign and allows you to accept it,
sign again or cancel.
To pre-define the signature area, use the rectangle icon: sign-pro-pdf-get-started-7 and draw a rectangle where you want a signature to appear. Then save the document. When the document is opened again in sign pro PDF, the user can sign it by tapping the rectangle and entering his / her signature in the area that you created.

How to draw freehand annotations

To draw a freehand annotation in the document, select the drawing icon: sign-pro-pdf-get-started-8
To change the pen colour or size while drawing, select the colour icon: sign-pro-pdf-get-started-9
To erase a part of your drawing select the eraser icon: sign-pro-pdf-get-started-10
To resume drawing, deselect the eraser icon
Once the drawing is complete accept it by tapping the check icon: sign-pro-pdf-get-started-11

How to add sticky notes

To insert a sticky note, select the note icon: sign-pro-pdf-get-started-12
Then tap in the document where the note should appear. A popup dialog allows you to enter text for the note.

How to save

To save the document, select the share icon: sign-pro-pdf-get-started-13 or the back icon: sign-pro-pdf-get-started-14

sign-pro-pdf-get-started-15You can then choose from the available options:
To abandon changes to a document you can choose the option: Abandon Changes.
Please note: When all of the credits have been used you can purchase further credits online. Without any credit, new signatures will be displayed with a label indicating ‘No signature credits left’. Credits are applied equally to handwritten signatures and eSeal signatures.

Learn more

Further details of all these options and more can be found in the User Guide (English only).