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Wacom´s goal is to provide individual, customer-specific eSignature solutions. By cooperating with system integrators, we can add industry-related and regional expertise. Rather than selling off-the-shelf packages, we do a thorough consultation process, considering all aspects of business and regional requirements. Click on the contact us button and send us your inquiry.

Binary Graphics
Binary Graphics is offering medical resources imaging system along with various technologies such as specific software, medical equipment, hi-speed scanner, interactive pen display, database system, network system and wireless system. Binary MRIS empowers more efficient collaboration, to help doctors enable the secure access medical imaging anytime, anywhere with a click of a button across.

Computer Union Co., Ltd.
Computer Union is an affiliate of Saha-Union Group, established by Mr. Damri Darakananda. In 1982, the Company was established with its registered capital of 10 million Bath. At present, the Company has its registered capital of 100 million Bath. CU is the Value Added Distributor of worldwide brands for both hardware and software. More than 35 years for the leader of “Total IT Solution Provider”. We focus on quality of employees, preserving innovation and adoption of new technologies. CU Set Innovation Center with Cloud Technology , Business Analytics, Security and Smart Infrastructure Solutions for our focus clients in banking and finances industry, healthcare and manufacturing.

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