Tourism Hospitality

image-hotelWhether it is the check-in in the hotel, the booking process in the travel agency or the contract for the rental car: the tourism industry needs handwritten signatures in all parts of the travel process.
A simplification of those processes may easily be achieved with Wacom signature pads. Capturing electronic handwritten signatures reduces paper, physical archiving work, and saves money. It can also allow self-check-in by guests. Registration data will be complete, up-to-date, and the paperless workflow becomes much easier.

Electronic signature capture with Wacom STU-520 at the Hilton Hotel Milan, Italy

Carmine Ponticorvo, Front Desk Manager at the Hilton Milan: “The check-in is an important part of the Hilton experience. It is the first encounter of our guest with our service and the first impression always counts. Thanks to the PassportScan solution with the Wacom STU-520 signature pad our employees can fully concentrate on the guests during check-in. This matches our idea to always centre on our guests and their requirements. Our guests really like to give their e-signature on the STU-520 and enjoy using modern technology in our hotel.”
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