Wacom PL interactive pen displays for signature capture at Alior Bank, Poland

Tomasz Motyl, responsible for IT systems and innovations at Alior Bank: “Our intention from the initial phase of the bank’s set-up was to introduce an innovative solution that eliminates paper for both the bank and the client during the banking process as the installed client screen enables the presentation of all necessary paperwork. Today, we have 920,000 clients using 1,700 displays in the bank’s branches.”

The user:

Alior Bank, founded in 2008, it serves its customers in more than 200 branches and eight business centres all across Poland. The bank has set its own expectations high: Transparency, security, stability, responsibility, advice, entrepreneurship and innovativeness are the rules the bank has established to guide its business.

The background:

As innovation is one of the key drivers for Alior Bank, the company sets up its client relationship differently than other banks. From the beginning, the goal was to introduce a solution that eliminates papers for the clients as much as possible. Alior Bank wanted to have a client screen that could be used to present all papers digitally to the customer and could also be used to guide him through all processes.

The solution:

Implemented by B3System, Alior Bank chose Wacom’s interactive pen display. The bank consultant leads the client through the process working directly with the pen on the display. The client screen is an active part of the sales process and the client has a possibility to check every detail of the bank’s offer on the screen or directly compare it with the offering from other banks. After signing the framework agreement the client performs all transactions using the client’s screen only.

The advantages:

Wacom’s PL-display is a flexible solution that could easily be integrated into the bank’s IT system. With its pen functionality, the digital process is as natural as it would be on paper – but much faster and with the effect of saving tons of paper. The interactive pen displays by Wacom have already been used successfully in a large number of banks as well as in other sectors. Thus, B3System and Alior Bank were convinced of the reliability and stability of the interactive pen display. It turned out to be the ideal tool to reach Alior Bank’s goal to eliminate all paper wherever possible.

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