Becoming a paperless clinic with Wacom STU-520 signature pad

Marcin Sikora, Head of the Clinic “Usmiech na 5: ”I was looking for a reliable solution for many years now. The usage of Wacom signature pads in everyday medical practice primarily minimizes the time of handling the administration of documents, which we can fully devote to our patients. As a result, it reduces costs and eliminates all the problems that arise from accumulating patient documents. Thanks to the Wacom STU-520 we finally achieved the goal to become a “clinic without paper”.

The user:

Uśmiech na 5 is a modern dental clinic in Wrocław offering entire exceptional dental care. The main objective of the clinic has always been continuous development using advanced medical equipment and modern treatment methods.Having already more than 8,000 patients registered and managing 400 visits a week on average the number of patients and advanced procedures provided at the clinic is growing rapidly and ask for documentation.

The background:

Using the leading polish dental practice software PL-Med Stomatologia digital schedule, clear electronic patient record files and friendly clinical dental charts were successfully introduced. Medical text editor designed by PL-Med enable to prepare documents as consents, treatment plans and referrals in a very short time. But the problem is that many of them needs personal signature and must be stored in accordance with polish law regulations.

The solution:

The LCD signature pad STU-520 from Wacom in combination with PL-Med Software solved the problem. Patients can easily read the document on the PC screen accepting it by providing the digital signature on the Wacom signature pad in real time. While writing individual biometric characteristic of the signature such as the pressure and speed is recorded. Afterwards the signed document is displayed on the PC screen protected by a digital certificate which ensures that no document changes are possible after signing. The result is an authentic and unchangeable declaration of intent.

The benefits:

The Wacom handwritten electronic signature solution allows the clinic to achieve a paperless workflow: All signed documents are digitally archived and available immediately. Paper storage with many thousands pieces of paper was eliminated. Employees can find, read and check the document much quicker now, having an instant access to the information, from both the reception and the examination room.

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