Electronic signature capture with Wacom STU-520 at the Hilton Hotel Milan, Italy

Carmine Ponticorvo, Front Desk Manager at the Hilton Milan: “The check-in is an important part of the Hilton experience. It is the first encounter of our guest with our service and the first impression always counts. Thanks to the PassportScan solution with the Wacom STU-520 signature pad our employees can fully concentrate on the guests during check-in. This matches our idea to always centre on our guests and their requirements. Our guests really like to give their e-signature on the STU-520 and enjoy using modern technology in our hotel.”

The user:

The Hilton Milan is one of Hilton’s facilities in Italy. Located centrally in Milan, the Hilton is the venue of choice for guests that visit Milan on business or for a holiday trip. It offers 319 guest rooms, meeting rooms, a bar and restaurant and a fitness area.

The background:

Hilton Milan decided to digitalize the whole check-in process with the clear idea to focus more on its guests. Without the digital check-in, the receptionists needed to stare at their monitor, typing in guest data rather than concentrating on the visitor and interacting with him during the process.

The solution:

Together with PassportScan UK, Hilton managed to simplify the check-in procedure. The guest’s passport is scanned and all necessary data to fill in the relevant forms is transferred from the passport automatically. Only additional data that is not on the passport needs to be added and typed in manually. The signatures that the guest has to supply are done on Wacom’s STU-520 LCD signature pad and directly integrated into the forms as well.

The advantages:

With PassportScan and Wacom’s STU-520, the check-in process at Hilton has become truly interactive between the receptionist and the guest. While the information is digitized, he can communicate with the guest, already finding out about his needs and wishes. The guest only needs to approve all this by digitally signing on the STU-520. Depending on several factors, check-in times can be reduced up to 80 per cent. This allows the guests to arrive at their room much quicker – with the result of higher guest satisfaction. For Hilton, the digitalization has reduced the process costs a lot. Instead of printing everything is now archived digitally, saving large amounts of paper and toner. PassportScan has decided to integrate the STU-520 based on Wacom’s originally developed EMR® (Electo-Magnetic Resonance) Technology into its solution because Wacom signature pads are robust, have an outstanding design and a very good reputation in the market. The Hilton Milan for example, has about 10.000 bookings per month which means that the signature pad has to be robust enough to stand this heavy usage. Additionally, the STU-520′s full colour LCD display offers the opportunity to integrate more functionalities such as map applications for guests or to display hotel promotions while the pad is not in active use.

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