LCD signature pads STU-500 for e-signature at the Sparkasse Rastatt-Gernsbach savings bank

Marc Bourdos, Project Manager at Sparkasse: “As a forerunner in the field of electronic signatures, the Sparkasse Rastatt-Gernsbach savings bank has dealt extensively with a wide range of hardware solutions. We now use only the LCD signature pads STU-500 from Wacom and our clients are very happy about the large screen, the ergonomic design and the ultrasharp display of their signatures. We appreciate in particular the robustness and longevity of the devices.”

The User:

The Sparkasse Rastatt-Gernsbach savings bank, with total assets of approximately 1.6 million euros, has 24 branches spread across the area south of the city of Karlsruhe in Germany, on the edge of the northern part of the Black Forest. The bank sees itself as one of the most innovative institutions in the Baden-Württemberg Sparkassen Group of savings banks.

The Situation:

Although one of the bank’s major client centres is located in the paper-town of Gernsbach, the bank has the aim of processing as many documents electronically as possible. The goal is to optimise the administration of the documents and also to reduce the amount of paper used. The integration of digital signatures has been implemented in order to be able to pursue this strategy with regard to documents signed by clients as well.

The Solution:

The LCD signature pad STU-500 from Wacom and SignDoc software from Softpro are used in tandem to digitally process numerous procedures relating to client documents. These include documents for the opening, changing and deletion of liability accounts, various types of contract and also consultation reports relating to the German Securities Trading Act. Even access details for safety deposit boxes are documented in such a way. Signatures are made directly on the pad and thus digitalised immediately. Individual, biometric characteristics of signatures are also recorded, such as the pen pressure and writing speed. This has enabled the bank to raise its level of security.

The Benefits:

The digital solution allows the bank’s staff to focus more on the actual consulting aspects of their work, as they are relieved of various administrative tasks. The bank also reduces its costs, as no paper forms have to be scanned, indexed and archived. The search for specific business transactions is also speeded up considerably, as all the documents are electronically available in real-time.

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