Telekom Austria – digital signatures with Wacom PL-720

Have you heard of DUPOS? No, it isn’t a political party or a new brand of chewing gum. The five letters stand for “Digitale Unterschrift am Point-of-Sale” (digital signature at the point of sale) at the Austrian mobile network operator A1 Telekom Austria AG. What might at first sound complicated is in fact an internationally leading solution with which the A1 SHOPS are setting a new standard in service quality – realised with PL-720 interactive pen displays from Wacom.

Since August 2007, A1 customers have been able to handle their mobile telephone contracts, changes to their tariffs or other matters regarding their contract entirely digitally. After the A1 consultant has provided information about services, tariffs, mobile phones, etc. and has explained the contractual terms, the customer can provide his signature on the PL‑720’s screen using the digital pen.

The solution has not only made A1 Telekom Austria into a leader in technical innovation, but has also significantly reduced the internal administration involved in all contractual matters. At the same time, the company is preserving the environment: Telekom Austria is saving around 1.5 million A4 copies and 24,000 printer toners throughout Austria each year. Countless business transactions can be conducted significantly quicker and with less administrative outlay, thanks to the interactive pen displays. In the past, documentation on transactions was collected in the A1 SHOPS, sent by post to the headquarters and then scanned or processed further in another form – an expensive and time-consuming process.

Initially, Telekom Austria was in search of a solution to reduce the amount of paper while retaining the same high security standards. Following initial research into tablet PCs, the company quickly opted for Wacom interactive pen displays – in this case the PL-720. Between three and five workstations with interactive pen displays were set up in each A1SHOP, depending on size.

Wacom interactive pen displays were chosen based on several criteria: firstly, security is the crucial factor when it comes to legally relevant documents. The used software created by POS Solutions GmbH seals the documents’ content. Each subsequent alteration is immediately recognised. The signature cannot be forged and can be unequivocally attributed to one person.

A further advantage of the Wacom interactive pen displays: the displays’ design fits in very well with the new design of the A1 SHOPS.

A1 customers and employees were quickly impressed by the interactive pen displays. The changeover was simple and quick and very little time was needed to train employees. Although A1 still offers customers the option of signing their contract in the traditional way, A1SHOPcustomers almost always go for the digital option.

Customers are very open to accepting the new method of signing contracts, selecting tariffs and finding out about Telekom Austria’s services. Initial customer questioning convincingly proves this.

A1 Telekom Austria opted for the Wacom PL-720 because:

  • in combination with the chosen software created by POS Solutions GmbH, the display offers a secure solution for digital signatures
  • Telekom Austria has considerably reduced its administrative outlay as a result
  • the system is customer-friendly and employees need very little training time.

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