Wacom signature pads at Mobitel, Slovenia

Boštjan Robežnik, CIO at Mobitel: “Mobitel is the leading company in electronic operations and we pay attention to the reduction of paper in our processes, as we are aware both of the savings potential and the environmental benefits of paperless operations. The electronic signature solution, which was implemented in cooperation with SETCCE, is designed for Wacom STU-300 and Wacom STU-500 signature pads. Our users and business partners are satisfied with the transparency of electronic signatures on Wacom devices and love the simplicity of their use.”

The user

Mobitel d.d. is the largest Slovenian provider of mobile telephony services with over one million customers. Users can sign and manage contracts at 20 Mobitel centers in all major Slovenian cities and through Mobitel partners who operate in over 200 locations across the country.

The background

The company focused on the immediate reduction of sales costs which arise from the use of paper, in particular the handling of paper documents (dispatching, capturing, digitalizing and indexing). The basic requirements for the move to paperless operations included an upgrade of the user management system with electronic forms and the implementation of a suitable electronic signature solution.

The solution

Mobitel introduced electronic signatures in combination with an upgrade of systems for managing electronic form templates, capturing orders and producing user documents in electronic form. The solution ePero®, designed by SETCCE based on the software developed by xyzmo Software GmbH Austria, is based on the use of signature pads with LC displays. Mobitel centers use Wacom STU-500 signature pads, while its partner network is equipped with Wacom STU-300 models. Wacom signature pads guarantee a pleasant user experience by displaying the user’s e-signature in real time. In addition to digital signatures, these tablets also support the display of basic data, such as contract number, the purpose of the signature, etc.

The benefits

By moving to electronic operations with the ePero® solution and Wacom signature pads, Mobitel has completely avoided the need for document printing, the capture of documents and its entire paper archives, speeding up the processing of user contracts. All electronically signed documents are archived electronically and they are available to all support services immediately after signing. Mobitel was also able to reduce the number of errors and avoid the loss of documents, thereby simplifying the workload of employees in the sales network, allowing them to spend more time supporting and advising customers.

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