Wacom STU-520 for e-signature at the Høje-Taastrup citizen service

Peer Anker Hansen, head of the citizen service in Høje-Taastrup: “The STU-520 is a very good solution for us. It allows us to display all information we need to show in a compact way. Thus, our citizens feel safe in what we do and they have very quickly accepted the digital process.”

The user:

Høje-Taastrup is a commune located in the vicinity of Copenhagen in Denmark. The citizen service is – among other things – responsible for passport and driving licences. Each year the commune processes more than 10,000 applications in its offices.

The background:

In early 2009, the citizen service has changed its application procedures to digital. This includes both pictures and the signature of the applicant. The idea was to save paper and to make the whole process faster and easier.

The solution:

Wacom’s STU-520 LCD signature pad is installed at the local photographers and at the citizen service. People who need a new passport or driving licence can either have their picture taken at the photographer or at the citizen service. At the citizen service, the STU-520 is integrated into a biometric station developed by ScanTech IT. When somebody prefers to go to the photographer, the photographer takes the picture and displays it to the customer on the full colour LCD display of the STU-520. The customer gives his approval by digitally signing by hand on the device so the picture can be directly transmitted to the citizen service. At the service, the applicant again gives his handwritten e-signature on the pad and leaves his fingerprints at a special unit that is attached to the STU-520.

The advantages:

The main advantages of the STU-520 are its compact built and the full-colour LCD display. On a normal computer screen the employees would have to show the full application documents. This would be very confusing as there are parts of the application that are only important for the citizen service as such. All information – including the colour picture of the citizen – is provided at the same time on the STU-520 and citizens feel very confident in signing. With the STU-520 located at the photographer or integrated in the biometric station at the citizen service the whole process is completely digital. For citizens, it is very easy to apply for a new passport or driving license as they don’t need to carry papers or pictures around.

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